everybody squalay
I have a really bad unhealthy obsession with 2NE1, Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey, TV Shows & Assassin's Creed. And I sometimes like to make gifs.  %

Ugh my computer just died, and I have no choice than buy a new one ;( it sucks so much, I wanted to save my money for more important things …
Btw I won’t post a lot, the tumblr app is a pure waste of time.


under those stars at which we’re gazing together
we’re happier than anyone else



As you can see!!! I somehow hit 1000 followers and I just want to thank you all so so much. I decided to make a follow follower; to thank those people that makes my dashboard looks flawless 24/7. :))  I am thankful to every single one of my followers for following my dumb blog and I love all of you!!


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You must be kidding me right? No .. seriously.

Only 1,327 followers? Holy hell, you deserve so much more!

You’re an awesome little man, thank you very much for including me :)

happy birthday margot!! i hope you had a great one :)

Thank you Mono! Only by getting your messages make it great ❤

happy birthdayyy!! =^.^=

Thanks :3 ❤